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Only the Best Answering Services for our Clients

At Laser Answering Service, we are proud to offer a wide range of customizable answering services tailored to businesses of all sizes. From 24/7 live answering to virtual receptionists, emergency response services, and appointment scheduling, we ensure that you never miss an important call or opportunity.

With the flexibility to receive messages via email, fax, text message, or pager, you can choose the method that works best for you. Our customizable greeting and scripting options allow for a personalized call handling process that perfectly fits your unique needs. Additionally, our secure messaging option provides peace of mind when dealing with sensitive information.

Choose Laser Answering Services to boost efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction for your business. Learn more about services below or contact us today at (855) 775-4800 for more information.

Laser Answering Service professional, friendly live agents are available to answer your phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your phone will be answered with your customized answer phrase and your customers will speak with a live person. After greeting your customer, our agent will take a message and relay it to you or your designated on call employee by the personalized instructions that you provide us with.
Laser Answering Service system allows for your incoming callers to be greeted by a personalized voicemail that you can record or we can record it for you. It can give general information about your business such as office hours, address, description of what you consider emergency or non-emergencies etc… The caller will have the option to leave a non-emergency message on the voicemail, call back during regular office hours or can press a number to be transferred to a live agent for immediate assistance.
For an economical rate, our virtual receptionist can provide the appearance of a “professional in-office receptionist”. Our agents can answer your incoming calls and screen your calls for you. We can then patch the call to you wherever you might be. If you are unavailable to speak with your customer, we can let the caller know this and they will take a message and send it to you by email, fax or text to your cell phone.
In the case of a natural or manmade disaster, do you have a way for your phones to be answered? You can rest easy knowing that the agents at Laser Answering Service are available 24/7 to handle any calls that may come in. We can manage your phones for many types of emergencies, anything from a malfunctioning elevator to accidents or injuries to your employees.
Laser Answering Service agents have the ability to fax or email messages as they come in or at a specified time. Emails can be sent to a single address or to a group of emails. We can accomplish whatever method you prefer.
You can have Laser Answering Service send your messages to your cell phone as a text message. This will save you the time of calling in to pick up a message and then always needing to have pen and paper available.
Laser Answering Service agents will answer your phones, let callers know you are unavailable, take a message and then put that message on your voicemail to pick up at your convenience.

The agents can deliver your messages to you by alpha numeric pager so you have all the information from the message at your fingertips. Or, we can digital page you with the number of the caller or the answering service number, so you can speak with the agent before calling your customer back.

If the caller needs to speak with you right away, Laser Answering Service agents can “patch” the caller directly to you on your cell phone or at whatever number you specify. Patching will relieve you of the hassle of having to make a return call and a way to keep your number from showing up on caller ID.
We offer a wakeup service that can call & wake you or your employees at any specified time of the day or night or use as a reminder service to remind you of important appointments or meetings. This service can be used as a standalone plan or as additional service in one of our other plans.
Imagine you are the only one available to answer phones in your office and you are unable to keep up with the calls coming in. You are able to set up so that Laser Answering Service agents can start picking up after a specified number of ring tones, thus relieving some pressure for you.
You can call in for messages by calling the designated Laser Answering Service check-in line and entering your security code. If you have messages pending, you will be transferred to an agent to receive your message or messages. If there are not any messages, you will receive a notification there are none and then you can simply hang up.
Need help tracking your employees in the field? We can help, your employees call in to us and our agents will make note of the time and date and obtain any other information from them that you require. Laser Answering Service can provide you with a printout of times they arrive at and leave locations.
All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded. The management staff will randomly listen to messages for quality control in order to provide guidance to our agents and to assure that our customers are being taken care of. We have the ability to email you a WAV file of a message or messages if you need to listen to one.
No actual physical Office location? Why pay a monthly rate with your phone company when you can just lease a number from Laser Answering Service? We will answer the line for you and handle the messages by the customized protocol that is set up by you.
We can customize your answer phrase to your specifications. We can work with a script that will allow your specific business requirements to flow naturally in the call handling process.
Our agents here at Laser Answering Service try their best to answer every call within 4 rings, but in the event they are unable to, we have the perfect solution. We will have a customized greeting answer and place the caller on hold for a brief period. You can also send us a wav.file of a greeting you would like.
Our agents at Laser Answering Service are able to assist you or set up appointments with a web based program in real time. They can also call your customers or patients and remind or confirm their appointment times with you or your staff and send you confirmation of the appointments.
Laser Answering Service can work with you and customize to meet your needs. If you need temporary service or have a special project you are working on and need assistance, give us a call and we will work with you to develop a plan for you.
Secure Messaging – Laser offers secure, HIPAA compliant messaging for medical providers in the form of an easy to use app on your Apple, Android, or Windows device. This service provides peace of mind when dealing with sensitive ePHI.