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The goal at Laser Answering Service is to answer your calls in a friendly, professional manner when you can’t, or do not want to. Our telephone answering service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Walter Hinkle

President + CEO

Walter has been the president of Laser Answering Service since August of 2009 and has owned the company since November of 2011. Walter’s role is to support the Laser team and provide the training, tools and capital that is needed to perform at a high level.

Jessica Hinkle

Executive Vice-President

Jessica is responsible for the day to day successful management of the overall company. Jessica’s goal is to create an ever-expanding base of satisfied and profitable customers.

Sharon Carver


Sharon is our numbers person. She is the contact at Laser for billing and payment questions. Sharon joined the Laser team in 2017 and works with our clients to find the right sized call plan to fit their call volume needs.

Best solutions

Laser Business Tools

Laser Answering Service provides the necessary tools to help your business succeed in the technologically advanced world. We are here to provide you with the best solution for what you need. We understand how important every call is and you can be confident that we will treat your callers with professionalism, respect and courtesy. Our expert staff is always friendly and helpful, asking questions and offering advice to aid you in finding the right service for your business needs.


Our medical practice has been with Laser for 9 years. We have received the level of service expected from an answering service, plus additional attention as well. The management team may drop in for a visit and as the practice has grown, the adjustments needed were handled swiftly and with ease. Thank you Mary and the rest of the Laser team, for a job well done!
Mignone Bishop, AOCBV, Practice Manager
Laser customer service has been outstanding since 1995. The answering service staff is professional and reliable when responding to my bilingual (English and Spanish) clientele.
Graciela P. Leon, M.Ed., L.P.C., L.M.F.T.
With Laser, I’m thrilled to say that after-hours answering service is one of the few aspects of our operation that I don’t ever have to think about because it’s one of the few things that I never hear about from the doctors. Their service just works for us, effortlessly and reliably. I’ve worked with several other services with other physician practices in the past and Laser has been the most trouble-free, by far.
Tom Walker, MHA, CMPE
Everyone here at appreciates the effort you all have put into maintaining our high level of support of the daily after-hours calls and emergency calls you receive. Laser Communications has even obliged our request for a custom daily email report that in-turn has given us information needed to assess, then resolve weaknesses in our ever-changing VOIP phone ordering system. We couldn’t recommend a better staff and communications company to serve TMG’s needs!
Lee Gildwel, LAN Administrator
I have been using Laser for several years for my answering service. They are very friendly yet professional. I received detailed message promptly by email. I am very pleased with the efficiency of their service and plan on using them for many years to come.
Craig Greaves, Attorney at Law